Fatal DWI suspect thrice convicted of drunk driving

February 14, 2012 3:38:12 PM PST
A man accused of killing a woman while drinking and driving now faces a murder charge, but the victim's family wonders why he was behind the wheel at all.

A family and a community in Wharton is still in mourning. They want answers about how a man with three DWI convictions could get behind the wheel again, according to prosecutors, allegedly drunk.

Nancy Krenek was a mother of six, a wife of 22 years, a friend and a woman strong in her faith.

"She was a friend to all. She'd meet anyone with a smile," said her widower, Dennis Krenek.

She was killed December 30 of last year, as her family drove home from a Christmas celebration on the Southwest Freeway near Kendleton. Their Suburban rolled after being hit by another vehicle.

Dennis still remembers.

"It was a peaceful moment that turned into a nightmare from hell," he said.

Dennis survived. His arm was broken. The Krenek children also were seriously injured.

Arrested at the scene was 24-year-old Sean Michael Adams. He was indicted by the Fort Bend County Grand Jury last week and is now charged with intoxicated assault for the injuries and murder for the death of Nancy Krenek.

Dennis blames the legal system.

"Nancy will never be replaced. Somewhere, it failed," he said.

Prosecutors say they have charged Adams with murder because he has three prior DWI convictions dating back to 2009; one out of Harris County, and the other two out of Fort Bend County. He served some time in jail, but never prison.

According to court records, he was given probation and credit for time served. He was even on probation for his 2009 DWI when he picked up the one in 2010.

What's more is that the Department of Public Safety says Adams did not even have a valid license at the time of the wreck that killed Krenek.

Krenek's family wants to know how he was allowed to get behind the wheel one more time.

"That question comes to my mind a lot. How is he still out there? How is he allowed to have the keys that he had?" Dennis said.

Adams remains behind bars at the Fort Bend County Jail. His last known attorney did not return our calls seeking comment.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving says cases like this illustrate the need for greater DWI enforcement in Texas, particularly Harris County, which leads the nation in drunk driving deaths.