Family run off road, causing severe injuries to kids, dad

From left, Alexandro Bravo, Michael Estrada and Cody Evans have been charged in connection the serious injuries a father and three girls suffered after they were run off road while driving down the feeder road of Interstate 10 East on January 5.

February 3, 2012 5:52:42 PM PST
Three men are facing charges amid allegations they took an ongoing dispute too far by brutally running a family's car off road, causing it to crash and seriously injuring a father and his three daughters.

Michael Estrada, Cody Evans and Alexandro Bravo have been charged with aggravated assault, first-degree injury to a child and two counts of third-degree felonies of injuries to a child, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

The men are accused of attacking the man and his family on the westbound feeder road of Interstate 10 East after a confrontation at a truck stop on January 5.

The father and his three daughters had gone to the shop to get the rims of their car polished when Evans approached. The father and Evans, according to investigators, had an ongoing dispute. The father told Evans he didn't want any trouble because his children were with him.

When the father drove away, he noticed Evans following him in a van that was allegedly being driven by Estrada and another truck being driven by Bravo.

The van then drove in front of the dad's vehicle, forcing him to slow down, while the truck switched into the left lane.

The two cars blocked the father on the road, and then Evans, who was allegedly armed with a knife, got out of the van and approached the father's car. The father drove into a ditch on the right side of the road to try and avoid the suspects, but both vehicles followed him and began rear-ending his vehicle several times.

The father continued trying to escape but he was eventually forced off the road, striking a pole.

All complainants were transported to Memorial Herman Hospital where Rangel was treated for broken ribs, a broken shoulder, and punctured lungs. One of his daughter's right foot had to be amputated, another suffered a broken collar bone and third's tongue had to be reattached.

After an investigation, the three suspects were charged.