Police: Robbery suspect caught with fake police badges

Police say arrested the teen hiding behind some bushes and found several fake police badges in his possession.

February 2, 2012 7:34:18 AM PST
Police say a 17-year-old had been living a life of crime before he robbed a Denny's manager in southwest Houston this morning.

Authorities say the teen accused in the crime has a rap sheet a mile long. Police officers found him with a stash of fake police badges.

The manager was confronted at the office at the back of the Denny's on the Southwest Freeway and Beechnut. The robber stole her valuables and then ran out of the restaurant that was full of people eating an early morning meal, according to police.

Officers surrounded the restaurant and eventually found the teen hiding in bushes. This teenager has five warrants out for his arrest, two of which are first-degree felonies.

Officers found a stash of police badges. They tell us most of these are fake badges but at least one is real. They are still trying to determine what the teen has been using those badges for.