Sledgehammer heist at jewelry store

January 25, 2012 3:47:39 PM PST
Some terrifying moments for customers at a jewelry store in northwest Harris County -- a group of burglars armed with sledgehammers walked into the store and smashed the displays.

This happened in the middle of the day, right before 1pm. Investigators say three men all dressed in black from head to toe came into the store and began smashing the display cases with sledgehammers and started stealing jewelry.

The two employees and two customers who were inside ran to the back of the store and hid in a room until they thought the men had gone.

It's unclear how much merchandise the crooks made off with. A customer we talked to told us the robbers were in the store less than a minute.

"One of the ladies was very hysterical," recalled customer William Cook. "We were trying to keep her quiet as much as possible, didn't want to lead anybody back that way. That was the main thing. The main concern was keeping the ladies safe, as safe as possible."

Cook says one of the employees had a remote alarm button and every time she pushed it the device set off the alarm inside the store. He believes that may have scared the suspects off.

Investigators say they are reviewing surveillance video. The men were seen leaving in a white four door vehicle which had suffered some damage.