Family blames HISD for student's alleged bullying

January 11, 2012 6:28:07 PM PST
There's outrage after claims that a Houston ISD school failed to protect a student from what they call a violent attack.

It's the second time in two days alleged bullying led to violence.

After what happened at North Forest High School on Tuesday because of an alleged case of bullying, you can understand this family's concern, especially because the family says it also knows the student involved in that case.

High school life can be tough, but Tuesday, after only one week at Wheatley as a new student, 15-year-old King Davis Jr. was about to find out how tough it could be.

"They all came from behind me and when I got to that house, he hit me from the back of my leg and then they all started running this way and when they ran this way, I had gotten struck right here, in my rib," he said.

Davis Jr. was jumped in the street, a block from the school by a group of students who he said earlier threatened to "get him." He says he took about 10 punches that knocked him to the ground. He got away and ran for help, but instead...

"The security guard was coming this way when I was running so he assumed I was running from him so he said that I was a suspect," Davis Jr. said.

Davis Jr. had called his father telling him of the threat. King Davis Sr. called the school.

"I want to know that you have him and I want to know that he is safe. I am on my way," Davis Sr. recalled telling authorities at the school.

His son was pulled from class and taken to the office, but after dismissal, an HISD representative says Davis Jr. insisted on leaving. The attack happened a few minutes later.

Now Davis Jr., his father and uncle went to Wheatley to inform the school of the incident. HISD is investigating, as well as district police.

The school district calls it an altercation. Davis's uncle, Kirkland Odom, considers it more than that.

"Then gets jumped by a group of guys or a group of girls, that qualifies bullying," Odom said. After Davis Jr. gets checked out by a doctor, he says he'll return to school because he wants to send a message.

"It can happen anytime for any apparent reason," he said.

To handle it, Davis Jr. is going through the legal channels. The family says it's satisfied with HISD's response on Wednesday in its promise to ensure the safety of the student.

According to HISD, school police are reviewing video taken of the attack to help identify those participating in it.