Tornado to blame for Fort Bend County damage

January 10, 2012 3:48:38 AM PST
The National Weather Service says a tornado is to blame for a significant amount of damage to homes in Fort Bend County, in the Mission Bend area at Bissonnet and Royal Way.

The NWS confirmed a EF-1 tornado did touch down in Ft. Bend County near the intersection of Bissonnet and Gains Road, damaging several homes along Turphin Way. The tornado crossed north of Bissonnet and caused roof damage to approximately 10 homes along Royal Way, and then more damage along Havencrest and Vistamont Drive, with the path ending near the intersection of Rockey Valley Road and High Haven Drive.

"You could hear stuff flying around outside," said Umair Sayyed.

He wasn't sure what was happening, but in a matter of seconds it became obvious that his family was in serious danger. That's when his instincts kicked in.

"Out of nowhere the front door was locked and closed and it just flew open. So I grabbed my mom and sister and rushed them to the closet in the master bedroom," Sayyed, 21, said.

He, his 4-year-old sister and his mother huddled close and cushioned themselves with pillows as the house began to shake and rattle.

"It just got louder. You could hear the wood flying around and the fences collapsing and the roof started caving in and started falling inside the house," said Sayyed.

While the wind pummeled Sayyed's house for about 30 seconds, it certainly made its mark. When it stopped, the roof to the garage was gone -- sheets of plywood tossed everywhere. The damage here was widespread. Several neighbors lost fences while others were left with leaky roofs and major property damage.

"You can see my car got damaged too. Pretty bad on the back so it was pretty crazy," said neighbor Mohammad Akif.

Sayyed knows everything that was lost in Monday's storm can be replaced. He's still shaken but looking back. He says none of this matters so long as his family is safe.

"That's all we tried to worry about. I tried to get my sister to the safest place," he said.

Sayyed has already been in touch with his insurance company. We've already seen several contractors out in the neighborhood trying to solicit business.