Volunteers build home for war veteran

January 6, 2012 10:22:07 AM PST
Volunteers are building a Marine a new home in Tomball. The young man paid a hard price for freedom, losing his legs in an explosion in Afghanistan.

The first walls to the home in Tomball went up Friday morning, and between now and Sunday, volunteers will frame, side, roof the house and install windows and doors. It's under construction for Marine Lance Corporal Daniel Peterson.

An explosion in Afghanistan left him a double amputee, and this house is a way for him to gain a new start, in a home which will suit all of his needs. Even after all he's sacrificed, he remains incredibly humble.

"I didn't sign up for what I could get out of it," Lance Corporal Peterson said. "Somebody could say, 'I deserve this, I deserve that'. No. You definitely don't join the Marines because you think you deserve something. This is more than I ever even dreamed of."

This house is provided through the non-profit organization Homes for Our Troops and contractor Spawglass. It takes donations and a lot of volunteers to build a home. If you'd like to help out, you can visit the Homes for Our Troops website.

The home should be ready to move into early this spring.