All lanes of Beltway 8 North reopen after big rig accident

An accident involving an 18-wheeler and two trailers Thursday morning shut down all westbound and eastbound lanes of Beltway 8 North at JFK (Jesus Amaya)

January 5, 2012 10:09:13 AM PST
An accident involving an 18-wheeler hauling two trailers had shut down all lanes of Beltway 8 on the north side for most of Thursday morning.

Both the westbound and eastbound lanes reopened shortly before noon. The accident happened just after 8am on the westbound lanes of Beltway 8 North at JFK. Police believe a car side-swiped an 18-wheeler cab hauling two trailers, causing one of the trailers to collide with the center median and take out a utility pole.

According to Houston TranStar officials, that trailer collided with the center lane lighting system, so power was turned off in the immediate area.

Emergency crews worked to remove the utility pole so the trailer could be towed away.

There is no word of any serious injuries.

One trailer was empty, while another was carrying paint product.

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