Found Christmas gifts finally returned to owner

January 3, 2012 9:29:31 PM PST
The mystery of the green canvas bag is solved, and the sack filled with hundreds of dollars in gifts and cash is finally back with the rightful owner.

James Taylor has been looking forward to this day for almost two weeks.

"Just been sitting in my house sitting in the spare bedroom," Taylor said.

Ever since he told us about finding the green canvas bag on December 22.

"It was a little wet when I first picked it up," Taylor told us at the time.

Full of hundreds of dollars of Christmas gifts, cards and cash along the Northwest Freeway.

"My end goal would be the people get their gifts by Christmas," Taylor said back then.

Well, it took a little longer.

"Can't wait to see the look on her face," Taylor said.

But today, Taylor finally made the connection.

"You are just something else. That is so great that you found these and were willing to give them back," said Shirley Baltz.

Baltz, 78, is the rightful owner of the lost bag of gifts. She didn't know they were missing until Christmas Eve and thought she had just made an honest mistake

"I said, Oh did I leave those at home?" Baltz told us.

Turns out the mistake was one of her relative's, who accidentally left the bag unsecured on the back of his trailer and it fell off on their way out of town.

"I'm so glad James was coming along," Baltz said.

Taylor posted a sign and a similar one on and also called us.

"I would hope someone would do the same," Taylor said.

Days passed with no word. He did more investigating and he finally found Mrs. Baltz's name and address. The mystery was solved the day after Christmas.

"She called and said Channel 13 is looking for you," said Taylor.

"Yep, here they all are. Thank you so much," Baltz said to Taylor.

It would have been hard for Baltz to replace the gifts.

"He could have had a good ol' time," said Baltz.

So now, Christmas just comes later for her family. And for Taylor, 2012 gets off to the right start.

Baltz insisted Taylor accept a gift card as a thank you. He finally did even though all he wanted to do was the right thing.