Some residents paying off strangers' gifts on layaway


At the Walmart in League City, the signs of Christmas are everywhere -- from the towering tree, to the non-stop ringing at the register.

In fact, the store promises more Christmas for your money and this year, one woman helped deliver. Customers were blown away to hear about her generosity.

"You don't come into Walmart to think that somebody is just going to drop something in your hand," customer Alvin Payne said.

On Friday, a woman and her preteen daughter walked into the store, headed straight for layaway and paid off 20 people's accounts to the tune of $9,500.

"I would be so surprised, I would be crying," customer Iris Domingue said.

Store employees tell us people did cry and were incredibly grateful. Walmart only told the customers an angel stepped up because she wanted to remain anonymous.

"It's the giving spirit. It's not about I did this and I want recognition," customer Lashonda Evans said.

And she wasn't the only angel.

Walmart says in the last week, more than a dozen Houston-area stores have received anonymous donations toward layaway purchases ranging from $25 all the way up the $9,500.

"Honestly if I could, I would," customer Chad Grindele said.

These people's actions are reminding others the season is about more than just receiving.

"That person is going to be blessed," Domingue said.

Some people told the store they were going to have to cancel their purchases if it wasn't for this anonymous donor. She helped them buy iPads, computers and toys.

Walmart says they are pleased about their customers' generosity. And we've heard of similar stories at other stores in other states, so apparently it's now catching on here in the Houston area.

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