Black Friday dos and don'ts


But before you brave the crowds, we have some Black Friday survival tips dos and don'ts.

If you are planning on shopping on Black Friday and you don't have a plan, you will be sorry. Veteran Black Friday shoppers say they map this shopping day days in advance to score the best bargains.

"Yeah, I'm definitely going to be out here for Black Friday," shopper Christine Hamar said.

If you're looking for some guidance on how to best approach the shopping frenzy, there is a list of dos and don'ts!

Do strategize your plan of attack. Do this by reviewing store circulars ahead of time and pick destinations based on discounts. Then make your shopping list before you head out.

"When you shop, it's like you go hunting," shopper Laura Kramis said.

Do track the deals. Black Friday shopping sites make is easy. Some to check out include,, and

"You want to have your destination spot ready to go," Hamar said.

Do "nab" insider information. For example, "like" your favorite retailers on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for advance notice of special sales. Your favorite stores may have instant updates on deals and hourly promotions, so before you head into a new store, research their status and tweets.

"Absolutely, there are door busters and stuff like that," Hamar said.

Don't spend unnecessarily. There are plenty of great deals to be found on Black Friday, but there are also lots of duds. Remember, just because the price has been slashed doesn't mean you're getting a good deal. Many stores will drop prices on unpopular items to clear out inventory, so be sure to read reviews.

Veteran Black Friday shoppers say of course you have to shop early.

"If you want to get good prices on everything, you have to come very early. And you have to come one day before to look around and then you look around and then you know what you're coming for. So you come early and you get what you want," shopper Terry Coner said.

But don't give up if you missed the door-busting deals you had your eye on; most stores will continue to have weekend door-buster deals until Christmas day, and many of them just are as good or better than Black Friday deals.

Don't forget the small stores. Stores like Tuesday Morning and Hobby Lobby are often overlooked but they have great deals on Black Friday too.

And finally, dress comfortably and don't wear your high heels to shop.

"You have to come with nice tennis shoes, your walking shoes. You have to have real comfortable clothes and everything has to be comfortable because you're going to be here all day," Coner said.

Don't forget there is power in numbers. Veteran shoppers say they make a list with friends and family and split up to take advantage of those door buster deals.

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