Babysitter accused of sexually assaulting 6-year-old girl


The little girl in the case was so distraught she went crying to her mother after the alleged incident. But when we caught up with the suspect at his home, it was a bit unnerving.

When a Clear Lake area mother needed an overnight baby sitter, she went to, clicked on the child care tab and decided to hire Knox.

Eyewitness News asked Knox why he was on Craigslist as a baby sitter and if that's what he does for a living, and he replied, "I just love kids and I didn't mean any harm."

In June of last summer, Knox baby sat three children for two straight nights. When their mother picked them up and took them home, the 6-year-old girl began to cry about being touched the wrong the way.

"The child was returned to the mother the next day. After the incident occurred, when the mother was preparing to give the child a bath, the child was able to disclose what happened to her mother on that occasion," said Asst. District Attorney Celeste Byrom.

The girl was hospitalized and the mother called police. After an investigation, Knox was arrested and is facing charges.

Justice for Children President Randy Burton says always use a reputable nanny agency that performs background checks; don't search the classifieds.

"Those places have no reputation for screening. They don't do that. They are ad agencies," Burton said.

Knox is currently out on bond and is awaiting trial and somewhat denied the allegations.

"I didn't do it," Knox told us.

But when we told Knox that that a 6-year-old says she was harmed, and that she cried to her mother about this, Knox responded, "Not intentionally."

Then when we asked Knox if he was sorry for what he did, he replied, "All I know is that God says I would be vindicated, and that I would come out on the clear on this."

Knox went on to tell Eyewitness News that God speaks to him. After the interview, as we went back to our truck, Knox came back out and walked right at our reporter demanding we hand over our camera disk to him. We told him we weren't going to do that, to move back and that we were leaving, which we did.

We have since called the DA's Office and told them about the interview. They told us they would be taping this report to use in court.

Knox faces a felony charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child under the age of 14.

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