Alleged gang members arrested on various charges


Houston police are still trying to sort it all out, including whether theses guys impersonated officers to victimize people. Officers at the scene say they found what appears to be stolen property, a gun and a backpack full of 50 rounds of ammunition.

Paramedics tended to the wounds of one of the suspects. They treated the bloody dog bite on his shoulder in the open. For the bite on his back side, they took him behind a car. Officers say he and his friend are well-documented gang members who spent this past weekend terrorizing a southeast Houston neighborhood.

"I feel safer now," resident Rene Ramirez said.

Police believe the two are responsible for at least one burglary and one armed robbery, and they're looking into whether they pretended to be police officers in the process.

When officers spotted their old blue police cruiser outside a known drug house on Truett Monday night, they sat and waited. The suspects' departure soon turned into a short car chase and then a foot chase that lit up Marco Lopez's street.

"Cops everywhere, they were right here, over there, and they were everywhere," Lopez said.

The pursuit ended with the help of two K9 units, and one of which one suspect won't soon forget.

Police would not give us their names Monday night but did say both are convicted felons with lengthy criminal records. One had current felony warrants and has been in trouble for evading police before.

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