Pennington defends District G seat against Bryan


Participating in a small sit-in at city hall a few days ago, city council candidate Clyde Bryan tried to draw attention to what he says would be his top priority if elected.

"My number one priority is getting with the district attorney, getting a regional crime lab and testing the untested rape kits," Bryan said.

But he has an uphill battle to get his message across. Bryan is challenging incumbent council member Oliver Pennington of District G, and Pennington says he knows the issues facing his area.

"The number one issue is personal safety," Pennington said.

District G is known as the most affluent district, but that doesn't mean constituents don't have issues. Still, KTRK political analyst Richard Murray says the incumbent here has a big advantage.

"He hasn't made anyone mad as far as I can tell. And it's a sophisticated district. There are lots of upscale neighborhoods. I think he's one of the safest incumbents," Murray said.

But Bryan believes he has a shot.

"I don't feel like the good people of District G are getting represented properly," he said.

Pennington says he's already working with the Houston Police Department regularly.

"They're quite receptive to public input, they realize they need help with contract and private security systems," Pennington said.

Despite the challenger, Pennington is confident that voters will send him back for another term on Tuesday.

Our election coverage starts Tuesday night when the polls close at 7pm. We'll have the latest results on air, online and on your mobile device, plus crews covering all of the important races.

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