HISD takes stand against bullying on buses


Because the bus is such a small, enclosed space, experts say kids who are victims of bullies need to be protected.

Hundreds of HISD bus drivers are in a three-hour seminar learning how to tackle bullying while also driving a bus safely. It is a challenge drivers tell us they've been dealing with for years.

The goal of this session is to give a uniform set of tips on how all drivers should manage bullying. In addition, buses are being outfitted with anti-bullying signs.

Bullying within all schools has received national attention, as students have gone as far as committing suicide because they were bullied. What may start as cyber-bullying on the Internet or in the classroom is often carried right onto the bus. And a veteran driver says she makes it clear from the start that she will not look the other way.

"I let them know that we don't tolerate that on the buses. Our job is to get the kids to school safely and we want everybody to be pleasant and happy on the bus. We don't want that on the school bus beause our job is to teach them to love one another," said bus driver Patricia Dennis.

The training is mandatory for HISD drivers, who will also be asked to sign an anti-bullying pledge.

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