Houston area residents welcome rain


The cold front is part of a large storm system that also dusted the Panhandle with thick snow early Thursday, KTRK Chief Meteorologist Tim Heller said.

The wind kicked up around 9pm Thursday. The temperature in Jersey Village dropped to nearly 60 degrees.

Residents had their umbrellas on hand, just like the old days when we were used to all the rain.

What we didn't see is people swatting at mosquitoes. The cold front is bringing Houstonians much-anticipated relief from them.

While there could be a few showers during the early morning rush Friday, the rain should taper off by mid-morning but the clouds will stay around for most of the day, Heller said. The clouds and a strong north wind will keep us cool with highs only in the mid 60s on Friday.

"The really, really cold air arrives Friday night. That's when the winds will relax. With a clear sky, the atmosphere will cool quickly and temperatures will fall into in the mid 40s by Saturday morning," Heller said.

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