Dad's ex-girlfriends' testimony allowed in murder trial


On Friday morning, a woman claiming to be Fountain's current wife claims she saw a juror talking with two women in the bathroom about the case. The juror said the women were her sisters. But the sisters were going to watch part of the trial.

Brittany Bradley, the juror's sister, explained, "Because gas is high and we can't afford to come back and forth to pick up my sister every day, and I don't understand what was said."

To avoid the chance of discussing the trial on a long commute, juror number 26 was excused from duty and replaced with an alternate. But LaShaunda Bradley told Eyewitness News she wasn't really disappointed.

"I'm glad to be leaving," she said.

Fountain's trial for murder continued. Despite the defense's objections, three former friends were allowed to testify. Prosecutors requested their faces not be shown for reasons of security.

Among them was Walitha Gordon, who knew Fountain from New Orleans. She saw a hole in the apartment sheetrock wall.

The prosecutor asked, "Did he tell you how the hole got in the wall?"

"Because he hit Kendrick," Gordon responded.

"What part of him hit the wall?" asked the prosecutor.

"His head," Gordon said.

The prosecutor asked, "Did he say why?"

Gordon replied, "He said he hit Kendrick because he wet himself."

Fountain's lawyers had sought to exclude the testimony of several of Fountain's former girlfriends, who were involved with him even as he was married with two children he had with his wife. Kendrick was the child of another woman. The judge ruled the testimony was relevant.

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