Woman arrested for allegedly stalking ex-boyfriend


It's not often you see a felony stalking charge, but prosecutors apparently had a lot of concerns. Forty-nine-year-old Toni Jo Silvey, a dog walker, is in jail, accused of stalking her ex-boyfriend in extreme ways for four months.

Her friends did not come out to defend her when we stopped by her house just north of downtown, but it's where Silvey was arrested Tuesday morning. According to neighbors, Houston police broke the door to get to her and to stop what they believe had become a dangerous obsession.

"If it what's they say it is, yeah it's extreme," Silvey's attorney, Jimmy Ardoin, said.

But Ardoin cautions there are two sides to every story. The prosecution's case is spelled out in court documents. Not only do they say Silvey went to her ex-boyfriend's southwest Houston home four separate times to break four separate windows, but the records also allege she used a tire iron as well as a five-foot sword to do so.

What's more, according to the records, she rammed his car with hers damaging his garage door.

Starting in June, she took to the Internet under the name "woundedpoeticsoul" and blogged about her heartache and anger. She wrote, "you have been despicable" and "You selfish, egotistical, evil old fool. Looks like you have met your nemesis, huh?"

It is all directed at Peter Main, a leather artist. He told police Silvey also stalked him using emails and phone calls.

According to court records, from June 14 to September 5, he received 712 emails from Silvey and 1,001 phone calls, 146 of which came on August 4 alone.

Attorney Jimmy Ardoin just got her case Wednesday morning.

"It's their allegation and obviously it's their complainant's allegation at this point, but it's just that. It's just numbers. We don't know what's actually contained in there. We haven't seen what's been said in those emails or what's been said in the text messages or anything like that," Ardoin said.

Silvey's bond has been set at $25,000. She has not posted it yet.

Main also says she egged his home. He declined to comment for this story.

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