Three people shot at Academy store in SW Houston


Police said the shooting happened around 7pm in the parking lot outside Academy Sports & Outdoors in the 7600 block of Westheimer at Voss.

Authorities say a man, identified as Damion Wilkerson, 25, shot a father, son and girlfriend following some type of exchange outside of the store. All four had originally been inside the store. The victims were all taken to the hospital and are expected to be OK.

Police say Wilkerson surrendered at the scene but officers say they still don't know why he did it. Investigators say they don't believe Wilkerson knew the suspects.

"I heard somebody screaming so I came outside and this woman ran up to me and says my husband has been shot. He shot my husband," said eyewitness Jade Phillips. "I just saw this guy slumped over sitting on the floor completely bent over, just not moving and she was screaming. She had a little girl with her and I think there was another little kid following her and you it was just terrible."

Wilkkerson is in custody and was charged this morning with the triple shooting.

Police said his mother was at the scene at the time of the shooting.

A spokesperson for Academy says surveillance cameras were rolling during the incident.

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