Assistant principal accused of assaulting student


The school district's placed that accused assistant principal on administrative leave for now. The boy's parents say the man took an act of discipline way too far.

Mother April Palmer said, "Well, he showed me. He just basically told me it was a push, like that, you know, unexpectedly."

Palmer is pretty upset right now. She says an assistant principal from Humble Middle School assaulted her eighth-grade child two weeks ago.

"His head was pushed into the table top, the cafeteria table top because he was talking," Palmer said.

The school district says the alleged incident happened during a lunch period on September 16. Palmer says she found out about the assault four days later when the school's principal called her home.

"He told me it was true, that the assistant principal was removed from the school, and that he wouldn't be there again," Palmer explained. "He apologized for what happened, and that he would look into it."

Palmer says her son didn't immediately tell her about the attack because he was afraid of that assistant principal. She says the boy claims it's not the first time the man has hit him.

"My son was explaining to me that he's been picking at him, pretty much bullying him for over the last year," Palmer said.

In a statement released by Humble ISD, spokeswoman Karen Collier says, "Whenever there is an allegation of a possible assault of a student by an employee, the accused is placed on leave with pay during the investigation. This is done to protect all parties until the allegation is thoroughly investigated and resolved."

Palmer says her son is still complaining of headaches. And she just wants to make sure it doesn't happen again.

For now, Humble ISD police are still investigating. No charges have been filed.

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