East End, LULAC defending Constable Trevino


The move comes after last week's 13 Undercover investigation into the longtime lawman's dealings.

The group had no specific complaints about allegations raised that longtime Trevino may have misused charity and government funds.

They will wait to comment on that until the Harris County district attorney and county attorney complete their investigations.

The East End activists did, however, have problems with how Trevino was portrayed.

While he hasn't asked for nor received any explanation for the allegations raised in the reports, state Senator Mario Gallegos is standing by Trevino.

"I don't mind telling you. I support my constable," Gallegos said.

So is LULAC's Sylvia Gonzalez, who once worked for the constable.

"Until this investigation is complete, we stand to protect the reputation of a person dedicated to the community of the East End," Gonzalez said.

And community activist Yolanda Black Navarro supports him, too.

"This is a vendetta against Constable Trevino," she said.

The three were part of a crowded East End news conference this morning denouncing 13 Undercover's Lord of the East End investigation -- not for its content necessarily, but most vocally for its depiction of the community.

"I am offended and disappointed that Channel 13 chose to portray the East End as being run by a Padrone -- a single person as reflected by the title of this report, Lord of the East End," Navarro said.

The leaders were especially angered by Trevino's depiction at this month's Fiestas Patrias parade.

"That parade had nothing to do with this investigation. It's a total insult to show our kids celebrating their heritage. That's an insult," Gallegos said.

Over the course of five reports last week, 13 Undercover reported that Precinct 6 employees were forced to donate to Trevino's charity or Trevino's political campaign. The reports show deputies working for Trevino's charity while on county time and a general lack of receipts to show where charity money was spent.

The activists weren't prepared to offer comment on those, deciding to wait for the district attorney's office to wrap up investigations already underway.

"I understand now they are finding receipts that are there. That everything has been provided for. It's only a matter of time before everything comes to a head," Navarro said.

If in fact receipts have been found to explain the charity's spending, that would be news to 13 Undercover.

We asked Trevino's office for comment on Monday's news conference. He didn't return either of our calls.

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