New class action lawsuit filed over red light camera tickets


In the lengthy, on-going legal saga, there is another lawsuit. With a class action lawsuit filed on Friday, the controversy simply will not go away.

Last November residents voted down the red light cameras. Two weeks after that, the cameras were turned off. Earlier this summer they were turned back on again, and just recently turned back off again.

The cameras may be off permanently, but Mayor Annise Parker has said that drivers who have gotten tickets in the interim are responsible for paying them. The lawyer who filed a lawsuit and his client feel differently. They are urging people who have gotten tickets in the interim not to pay.

"People should be warned that if you pay your recent red light camera ticket, you may not be able to avail yourself of becoming a class member of this lawsuit," said attorney Randall Kallinen. "So what we're asking for is that the city nullify all red light tickets that occurred after the election."

Houston City Attorney Dave Feldman issued the following statement: "This is a frivolous lawsuit and I am confident it will be dismissed. In keeping with the will of the voters, the cameras have been permanently turned off. However, whether it is by a police officer or captured by another mechanism, the City has the authority and legal responsibility to enforce red light violations and collect the fines from those violations. It is irresponsible to argue otherwise."

The city's legal department has maintained they have full legal authority and plan on collecting all of the red light camera tickets that are outstanding. If you have a ticket, they want you to pay up. These attorneys feel differently. The issue will likely be fought out in court.

If you get a ticket, the decision is up to you. The city says you should pay. The lawyers say don't do it. The red light camera saga continues.

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