Talento Bilingue de Houston kicks off Latin American art season


The exhibition of works by Luis Abreux is open and free to the public, and it's just the opening act of a season featuring Latin American art that stretches into next year.

When you walk in the front doors of Talento Bilingue de Houston, the first thing that strikes you are the bright colors -- bright colors with a message.

"It's a little bit tongue in cheek. It's a little bit sharp, but very funny," Angel Quesada, curator for Talento Bilingue de Houston, said.

Abreux lives in Austin now. He came from Cuba eight years ago.

"He is an artist who comes from Cuba during a time of turmoil and tumult," Quesada said.

His art, though full of cheerful color, illustrates something decidedly darker.

"He's got a lot of kooky characters, but there's a certain dark macabre of the Latin American art that's present in his works," Quesada said.

The Brightest Dreams exhibition is just the beginning of an ambitious season for the Talento Bilingue de Houston. Until next July, art lovers will find exhibitions there from artists of different Latin American cultures.

"The season is not only visual arts. It's called 'Passport to La Republica Latina,'" Quesada explained.

Music, dance and theatre are on this stage as well.

The point, says the curator, is to put the spotlight on the different Latin American groups who now call Houston home.

"We're attempting to represent a larger picture of what Houston is," Quesada said.

Abreux's exhibition will be here until October 20. The first concert, featuring Caribbean pop, is next Wednesday.

The visual art exhibitions are free. To find out schedules and ticket information for the performances, go to www.talentobilingue.org.

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