Officer who allegedly hit ex-UH star will not face charges


A Harris County grand jury decided not to recommend charges against Houston police officer Brenton Green. HPD suspended Green for 20 days after Michael Young filed a complaint accusing Officer Green of excessive force.

The complaint says Green hit Young with a nightstick as Young tried to lead his son out of crowded store in December.

"Whenever he hit me the first time, I fell forward and I was turning to see who had hit me and he was getting ready to hit me again," Young said.

Young, who serves as Director of Basketball Operations at U of H, says he respects authority, but believes in this case the punishment sends the wrong message.

"Two weeks. Like I said before, that's a paid vacation," said Young.

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland says the punishment was tough enough.

"Mr. Young and his attorney have seen the IA investigation. From the facts and evidence presented to me, I think the 20 days I gave officer Green was very sufficient for what we were able to prove," Chief McClelland.

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