Haunted house burglars captured on video


Workers are getting this haunted house ready for next month so it's no surprise to see scrap metals lying around. Some thieves thought they could take it and got somewhat of a scare.

"In the last month, we've been hit twice," said Sonny Guzman of Heart Stopper Fright.

These skulls and skeletons haven't been enough to ward off thieves targeting Heart Stopper Fright Haunted House on Highway 59 in Shepherd. So workers here have been trying some other tricks.

"We've been able to capture them through video and evidence that's been left on the scene," Guzman said.

He says surveillance cameras he set up around this house of horror have been catching the crooks who've been stealing scrap metal from the property.

"We've got some great footage of them," said Guzman.

Like the man in this van who stopped right under the warning sign last week, and the guys in this red van who were spotted taking metal from the haunted house just a few days ago.

"One of my employees actually drove up on them and told them you know you can wait here for the cops, or I'll follow you," Guzman said.

That worker was the actor who plays the headless horseman. You can see his vehicle in this surveillance photo, chasing after the thieves and the load of stolen metal.

"He followed them down the road, the doors were open, metal was flying out on the freeway. So they left a trail and they went straight home," Guzman told us.

And in case you're wondering how the ghost story ends, the actors playing ghouls and goblins here helped deputies capture the crooks in both cases.

"As far as the thieves go -- Heart Stopper Fright: Two; Thieves: Zero," Guzman said.

The workers at Heart Stopper Fright say they're just glad they could catch those criminals in the act. So they can have a smooth opening September 24.

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