Plea deal made in controversial death penalty case

HOUSTON The plea deal has brought this case to an abrupt end. This death penalty case became particularly high-profile. State District Judge Kevin Fine granted a hearing when attorneys for the defendant, John Edward Greene, argued that there were flaws in how the death penalty cases were handled in the state of Texas.

The move raised legal eyebrows, and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stopped the proceeding, allowing the death penalty case to eventually move forward.

However, on Wednesday, as the 12th juror was chosen, the state accepted an offer from the defense -- a guilty plea for murder, and 40 years in prison for John Edward Greene. That means there will be no death penalty trial for the man who shot to death Tina Vo during a robbery in southwest Houston back in 2008.

We'll learn more about the case later today and will bring you the very latest.

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