HISD approves $1.58 billion budget

June 23, 2011 8:50:42 PM PDT
HISD unanimously passed its budget Thursday without knowing how much money it will receive in state funding. School board trustees approved the nearly $1.6 billion budget, which includes $98 million in cuts.

More than 700 teachers and other district employees were given pink slips in anticipation of a record state deficit. New estimates of state cuts are at $79 million, meaning HISD may have cut nearly $20 million more.

At least one board member says the money should be used to prepare for future state funding shortfalls.

"My hope, and I hope my colleagues think long and hard about it, is we shift that money to next year to help mitigate the additional deficit that we'll be facing, $42 million possibly," said HISD Trustee Greg Meyers.

HISD says the tax rate will remain unchanged.