Galveston church burglarized twice in two nights


It may be coincidence, but the first break-in followed a public meeting at the church updating residents on the Gulf Oil spill recovery.

Police have recovered fingerprints, and initially found no signs of forced entry. Since that time, the pastor found a broken window where he suspects the thieves made their way inside.

It is said to be the first time this church has ever had a break-in.

For the congregation of First Union Baptist Church, it is their home -- and twice this week their home was burglarized.

"I looked and say there wasn't a camera there, so I walked halfway back and saw everything was scattered. When I turned, I saw the speakers were gone," said church member Mark Laws.

He walked in on the aftermath Tuesday morning. On Wednesday, his brother discovered the thieves had struck again.

"That's when I discovered that the computer that they had left in the hallway to take the first night was stolen," said church member James Laws.

The drumset that survived Hurricane Ike was also taken, along with video cameras and speakers. Upstairs, several computers are missing and the church safe is gone.

"Double slap in the face," said Rev. David Everson Sr. of First Union Baptist Church Galveston.

But this is a church that stands on the principle of forgiveness -- that's what the pastor will be preaching.

"God is testing our faith to see whether or not that which we speak with our mouth, that we also speak with our heart," said Rev. Everson.

There will be joyful noise on Sunday as local instrument rental company Island Music will be bringing over guitars, drums and everything they need to have the Sunday service.

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