Santana bringing George Lopez on tour for 5 shows

May 11, 2011 10:12:25 AM PDT
Carlos Santana is hoping to make fans smile on his upcoming tour with the sound of music. He's also hoping to do the same with killer jokes. That's why the multiplatinum musician is bringing George Lopez on the road for five shows.

The joint tour, "Divine Rascals," will kick off Sept. 3 in Morrison, Colo., and wraps on Oct. 1 in Los Angeles. Those dates will come in the middle of Santana's "Sound of Collective Consciousness Tour," which begins on Aug. 25 in Seattle and wraps in Palm Springs, Calif., on Sept. 30.

Santana says "it's a spiritual release to be able to laugh." Lopez said watching Santana laugh at his jokes is "one of the most amazing experiences visually that I've ever had."