What do parents want schools to cut?

HOUSTON School districts around the state are faced with difficult choices, including layoffs for teachers and staff, and even possibly closing or consolidating campuses.

Parents and students have protested these cuts, most recently in the student demonstrations in Katy ISD. Back in March, thousands of parents and educators joined together in Austin to try to persuade lawmakers to dip into the rainy day fund, rather than subject schools to such severe cuts. So far, that has yet to happen, forcing school officials to make tough choices, and in many cases, layoff employees.

Educators did win a small victory when a state Senate committee voted to let school districts cut salaries and furlough contract personnel for a limited time.

The legislation approved Thursday allows districts to reduce contract employee salaries and furlough personnel for up to six non-instructional days, but only while the Foundation School Program entitlement remains below 2010-2011 funding levels. It now goes to the full Senate for consideration.

But if parents had to choose, what would they most readily have the schools cut back on? Weigh in on our poll and let us know what area you would prefer to cut spending at your child's school. Do you have a better suggestion? Log your comments below.

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