Suspect kills himself after crime spree

TEXAS CITY, TX It started with a robbery off 6th St. in Texas City and ended with the suspect's suicide.

"I can't believe he's dead," Matt Gibson said about his brother, Christopher.

Matt Gibson is still reeling from the death of his older brother, especially after spending all of Friday night trying to get his troubled brother some help.

"I tried to talk to him. He had a gun on him and I tried to get the police to him. They did everything they can to find him," Matt Gibson said.

The brothers grew up in and out of the Texas prison system, but they chose separate paths in recent years. Christopher Gibson, 28, apparently broke into an acquaintance's home Friday, and then Saturday morning he was accused of robbing a convenience store.

"He lived three blocks from the convenience store," Texas City Police Department Capt. Brian Goetchius said. "When he displayed the gun, the clerk said 'I know you.'"

Christopher Gibson carjacked a truck in the parking lot of the store and he led police on a slow chase up and down Texas 146. At one point Galveston County Sheriff's Office deputies fired at the truck, but missed.

Just as police had Christopher Gibson surrounded and began talking to him, he put a gun to his head and fired.

"He didn't want to hurt other people," his brother explained. "He just didn't want to live anymore."

Matt Gibson chose a different path. He got involved in a local ministry and even started his own business. He tried to bring in his brother, but Christopher Gibson was never willing to accept it.

According to TCPD, the 28-year-old was in and out of trouble for theft, burglary and other crimes and was just recently released from prison.

"We're a pretty close knit community," Goetchius said. "[Christopher Gibson has been] in and out of prison. It's been a revolving door for him."

Police say they're relieved that Christopher Gibson didn't hurt anyone else in his crime spree. His brother hopes others will learn from his death.

"I hope that young people really get from this [that] you don't have to entertain your life with drugs and parties and drinking, with substances," Matt Gibson said. "There's better things to do out here."

There were no injuries reported from the chase, robbery or carjacking. The incident remains under investigation by TCPD and GCSO.

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