Two killed, possibly over cell phone in SW Houston

March 20, 2011 4:18:17 PM PDT
It was a fatal decision. Two men are dead, shot after finding a cell phone in a southwest Houston parking lot. The killers remain on the loose. We're now getting an exclusive look at the victims' final moments right before they were attacked. The victims -- one an amputee -- were shot at an apartment complex on Bellfort and Benning early Sunday morning.

Police say it was a quick midnight run to the convenience store. Surveillance video captured the two friends on the way out, picking up a cell phone on the ground. Then, less than two hours later...

"I heard six bullets shots," said one witness with whom we spoke.

The two men's bodies were discovered in two different locations at their apartment complex across the street from the store. Police say the victims, one of them disabled, were chased and gunned down. Investigators say minutes before the shooting, the two men had set up a meeting with the person who owned the cell phone.

"One of the complainants may have been negotiating, we give you the phone, give us some money," said Will Gonzales with HPD Homicide. "That may have been what sparked the suspect's motive to start shooting."

Now police are zeroing in on the surveillance footage that shows a dark-colored sedan pulling up to the store before the shooting. The video shows two suspects get out. Police say one of them fits the description of the suspect seen running from the scene and jumping into what appeared to be the same car.

Detectives now believe it was one of the suspects who dropped the cell phone and believed it was one of them who may have pulled the trigger.

"I mean, over a phone," said the witness. "I feel for the family. I really do."

That vehicle is described as a dark black or blue sedan, possibly a Honda Accord with a sun roof and no front license plate. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.