Suspicious package found near City Hall

A bomb squad was able to detonate the item left behind near City Hall.

March 1, 2011 9:10:12 AM PST
A suspicious package was discovered outside City Hall Monday morning and detonated by a bomb squad. HPD is on the scene and called the bomb squad to investigate the item.

"We received a call at the bomb squad office that we had a suspicious package here at City Hall," said a bomb squad representative. "When we arrived we found a duffle bag with some items inside that we were unable to determine what they were. So we opened the duffle bag up remotely and at that time we determined that it was not a bomb. There was no explosive devices in there."

The bomb squad used a cable to move the package and detonated it. Officers determined it was not a bomb, but a duffle bag filled with toys covered with tape.

The all clear was given just after 8:30am to enter the building, just not through the main front doors until they clear the device from the grounds. At one point, authorities shut down Bagby Street in both directions but it has since been reopened.