Robber faked injury to lure victims

February 21, 2011 3:50:12 PM PST
The victims thought they were offering a helping hand to someone who was in serious trouble. Seconds later, they were being held at gunpoint. It happened on Cypresswood Court near Cypresswood Drive and the North Freeway. The Precinct 4 Constable's Office doesn't have much to go on right now, just a vague description of two robbers in their mid-20s and a dead end to their trail at a local motel.

By day, Cypresswood Court is busy with traffic in and out of a local shopping center. By night, it's usually quieter.

"Definitely the traffic's going to slack off after hours," said Lt. Kenneth Key with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office.

But on the night of February 10, six would-be good Samaritans found out quiet doesn't always equal safe.

"Crime knows no boundaries," reminded Lt. Key.

The six were headed north on the block-long street, all in a 2004 Honda Odyssey, when they stopped to help someone they thought was a man in distress.

Lt. Key said, "As they stopped, a second male approached from out of the darkness with a handgun. He approached the vehicle on the driver's side of the vehicle and the other man got back up out of the roadway and approached the other side of the vehicle with a handgun."

At gunpoint, the robbers took cash, cell phones and other valuables before running away. Deputies tracked them with a dog, but lost the scent at a Motel 6 between Cypresswood Court and the I-45 feeder road. Authorities say the men may have been staying there or may have gotten into a waiting car and gotten away.

At this point, investigators don't have much more than vague descriptions of the robbers. But for now, law enforcement says, what happened on Cypresswodd Court is a cautionary tale for anyone.

"I would never recommend anyone stop anywhere at any time of day," advised Lt. Key. "Just call the police or call medical personnel and allow them to help."

We worked on this story through our partnership with Houston Community Newspapers. You can read more in the Spring Observer.