Baby taken to hospital after apartment fire

A baby was taken to the hospital after an apartment fire in southeast Houston.

February 5, 2011 4:13:05 PM PST
An eight-month old baby ended up going to the hospital after a fire sparked in southwest Houston.

The fire started around 9:40pm Friday night at the Town Park apartments on Harwin near Park Front.

Firefighters say the central heating unit above the bathroom ignited, and the fire spread from the first floor all the way up into the attic. The tar roof caused problems for firefighters, but they eventually got the flames out.

"Right now we are still having trouble, we are still trying to find the last little bit of fire. So we've had to kinda tear down some sheetrock and walls," said Richard Hollas, HPD District Chief.

The baby was injured while the parents were trying to escape from the fire. We're told the baby is expected to be OK.