Cigarette being blamed for apartment fire

A cigarette thrown on a balcony is to blame for a fire at a west Houston apartment complex.

January 28, 2011 8:17:06 AM PST
A cigarette is being blamed for an apartment fire in west Houston this morning. Firefighters were called to The Aberdeen apartments on Richmond near Woodchase around 10:30pm.

Firefighters say the resident of a third floor unit threw a cigarette onto the balcony then went to bed. It rolled into a hole in the balcony which caught fire. The wall also caught fire and flames almost reached the attic. The resident of another unit saw the flames and called firefighters.

"It wasn't that far away from really getting into the attic," said Chief Richard Hollas with the Houston Fire Department. "It could have been bad."

Firefighters say this is a good reminder for smokers to always use an ashtray.