Newlyweds lose home to fire, then have pickup stolen

An electrical fire destroyed Jeremy and Krystal Leggett's west Harris County home.

January 17, 2011 7:40:27 AM PST
A newlywed couple has faced an emotional few days. Their first home burned, destroying many memories. But what happened after the fire was even more disheartening. It was a very rough day for the west Harris County couple who thought they'd lost everything, but a few hours later, they lost even more.

Even two days later, the scene through the raindrops still seems so surreal.

"Considering that we are a newlywed couple, just got the house, it's hard," said Krystal Leggett.

But Jeremy and Krystal Leggett had survived, their dogs waking them in the early morning hours on Friday. The electrical fire in the attic had destroyed just about everything.

"I had a pair of shorts on and she actually made it and got dressed," said Jeremy.

But later that day, as they went through the remains of their first home, they found a few sentimental items they could recognize, pictures of Krystal's grandmother who died in 2005, Jeremy's football jersey from his days in high school.

"My football jersey, I can't replace that," said Jeremy. "We wore it for game days before school."

And while his wallet was a bit smoky, he was relieved to have that, too. So they placed the items in the toolbox of his pickup truck. A few hours later, Krystal drove it to a store to buy some clothes to wear to work. When she returned to the truck about thirty minutes later, it was gone. So was the wallet, the football jersey and those pictures of grandma.

"I knew that truck was going to be the last blow," said Krystal. "I was very close to her. There was a couple of pictures I had that no one else had and I had gotten them out and was happy. Next thing you know, they are gone."

And while they don't expect to see the truck again, they are hopeful someone might find those last sentimental items from their first home and have a change of heart.

"It's crazy," said Jeremy. "We're just starting off and we lose everything right away."

If you have any information on the stolen truck, you are asked to call the Harris County Sheriff's Office. The truck is a white 2005 Ford King Ranch 350. The family asks the person who has their belongings to please return them, even if it means dropping them at a fire or police station. No questions asked.