School investigated over girl's broken arm

January 10, 2011 8:40:21 PM PST
A Harris County teacher's aide is out of her classroom as authorities investigate how a 15-year-old girl ended up with a broken arm. The teen is a student at ABC West in west Houston, a campus that specializes in teaching students with disabilities. The student has not gone back to school here after the incident. Her mother says it's not just her daughter's arm that was broken -- her trust was, too.

Tameria Clark, 15, has been attending the Harris County ABC schools for more than a decade.

Tameria's mother Ethel Clark said, "At the end of the day, Tameria is my baby, I have to deal with the pain. I have to deal with her whimpering."

Clark says her daughter needs one-on-one care. She is only two or three mentally and has cerebral palsy, autism and heart issues. Clark says just last week while Tameria was at the west school, she got a disturbing phone call.

"She was crying, her arm was dangling like a tree limb," Clark recalled. "It was dangling like it wasn't even connected."

This mother says she wants to know exactly what happened. She claims she's gotten conflicting stories between staff at the school to what doctors say her injury is consistent with.

"That's what I have a problem with. Don't tell me a false story just because my baby can't talk," Clark said.

The school released a statement stating in part:

    "While we are very concerned about the injury the student sustained, we have not yet determined its cause. For obvious reasons and until our investigation is complete, the employee in question has been temporarily reassigned from her regular classroom duties." -- Tammy W. Lanier, Harris County Department of Education Director, Communications and Public Information

Tameria has not been back to school since the incident.

Her mother said, ""I'm concerned about everybody now, all the kids. I think the whole world needs to know whoever has a child over there, needs to check their child."

Her mother says she isn't sure what they are going to do next.

"They have to rebuild my trust in them, because my trust is broken, my heart is broken," Clark said.

CPS says it is also investigating and will turn its findings over to the sheriff's office and the school itself.