Eight dead in Honduras bus shooting

January 7, 2011 4:17:52 AM PST
Gunmen killed four women and four children, including an 18-month boy, and wounded three others Thursday in an attack on a minibus in Honduras, officials said. The attack in the rural eastern province of Olancho appears to have been aimed at one of the passengers on the minibus, said Security Ministry spokesman Leonel Sauceda.

"The attack was directed at one or two people who were aboard the vehicle," Sauceda said.

Assailants tried to force the driver of the bus to stop, and when he failed to do so, they opened fire with assault rifles on the vehicle. The attackers fled in two vehicles, and police are searching for them, Sauceda said.

The attack in eastern Honduras came three days after the bombing of a bus in neighboring Guatemala killed 6 people.

The motive in the Guatemala attack appears to be related to extortion by street gangs.

The motive in Thursday's attack is still being investigated.