Baby saved from fiery wreck in Montgomery Co.

January 7, 2011 4:19:16 PM PST
A Montgomery County man is recovering after he hit a wild hog with his truck and crashed into a tree. But it's what happened to his baby, trapped inside the truck, that turned one man into a hero. That driver, Carl Lucius, Jr., is in stable condition at the hospital. His family will be eternally thankful for the quick action of perfect strangers.

Lucius' truck erupted in flames just moments after hitting a wild hog and spinning into a tree last night on Daw Collins Road in eastern Montgomery County. Just moments before the flames overtook the truck, Tom Porter yanked a baby from inside.

"Everybody's saying you're a hero, but I don't look at it that way. I would hope that everybody would do that. I was the first one there," said Porter.

He heard the wreck from his home not far from the scene and knew the sound could mean trouble. He jumped in his truck and upon arriving found that the driver had crawled out. The man told Porter his baby was still inside.

"I know I was trying to move as fast as I could. I could feel the heat, see the flames, the front seat burning," Porter said.

He says he couldn't get the child out of the carseat. Then he remembered he had his pocket knife. He cut the straps and plucked the girl from the vehicle which moments later became an inferno.

"When I pulled the baby out of the back window, [another neighbor] grabbed the baby and a couple seconds later, it was burning pretty good," Porter said.

The child's family tells us she was a little banged up in the wreck, but she'll be just fine.

Porter's wife, who was calling 911 while he was pulling the child from the truck, is proud of him.

"He doesn't consider himself a hero, but he's always been my hero," said Nola Porter.

The baby is said to be OK. Her father is still being treated at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Woodlands. We're told he has a broken leg and requires back surgery, but his prognosis is good.