Bay City schools on alert following threats of violence

January 6, 2011 8:30:26 PM PST
Threats against students and the superintendent have some a lot of parents in Bay City keeping their kids home from school. There have been no arrests and authorities will not say if they have been able to trace the text to its author. While the superintendent insists its safe for kids to come to school, he acknowledges that each parent has to do what they feel is best for their child.

Only 55 percent of students attended class Thursday in Bay City ISD schools.

Parent Diego Oboniga said, "This concern me a lot. These the only two girls that I have."

Oboniga took his girls out of school Thursday morning after learning of the text sent to Bay City high students, alleging that four students would be killed -- two at the junior high, two at the senior high. Oboniga's youngest says the scariest thing is the unknown.

Dianaya Oboniga, age 12, said, "Not even knowing who could it be or when it will happen."

A junior at Bay City high is among those who received the text. She didn't go to school either.

"I don't want to risk my life out there," she said. "I'd rather just take precautions."

On December 28th, the Bay City superintendent received an anonymous, sometimes rambling, letter detailing an incident with the author's child. It then threatens the superintendent's family and random students with violence unless nine rules are followed. The follow up text claims one of the rules was broken and that students will die.


Superintendent Keith Brown said, "As a parent and as the superintendent, I'm convinced the safest place is at our schools."

Brown says police patrols have been increased around each school. An armed officer has been placed at each front door and all exterior doors have been locked. Some parents say that's enough to make them feel safe.

"I just feel comfortable sending them here. I feel like they're best protected here than they would be at home or out and about," said one mother.

Others asked about metal detectors. Though there are none here, the school district says the schools are safe.

"The people who are out there playing in their yards and walking the streets without parental supervision, those are the people who are in danger -- not my students in our classrooms," Brown said.

We're told one student was caught with a BB gun at a Bay City school Thursday but that the incident had nothing to do with this threat. The school district wouldn't tell us if those students who are not attending because of the scare will be counted as absent or not. The Texas Rangers have taken over the investigation

If you have any information, you are asked to call the Bay City Police Department at 979-245-8500.