World's fastest golfer goes for new record in Houston

January 6, 2011 3:57:37 AM PST
The man who holds the title of world's fastest golfer is in Houston. He's taking a swing at setting a new record. David 'Ogie' Ogron holds five world records in the sport of speed golf. The Guiness Book of World Records certified two of them.

During tomorrow night's Houston Aeros game, he will try to break one of his own records by hitting more than 50 balls in 30 seconds.

Ogie says it won't be easy.

"Guiness has strict guidelines," he told us. "It has to travel 100 yards and it has to go into a 30 degree arc, so it's not just dinking a golf ball."

Ogie and his trusty ball feeder, Scott "Speedy" McKinney, are on a 300-day U.S. tour. Ogie and Speedy say they hope children see that anything is possible with hard work