Amber Alert issued for missing 12-year-old boy

HOUSTON An Amber Alert was issued yesterday for Jonathan Foster. The 12-year-old has been missing for days. Jonathan was last seen at his home on Oak Street near Garden Oaks Friday afternoon.

His mother says when she came home there were no signs of a struggle and nothing was missing except her little boy.

An HPD crime scene investigator gathered evidence at the duplex, the last place 12-year-old Jonathan was seen. It's been several days and his mother fears the worst.

"I'm so scared that somebody is hurting him," said Jonathan's mother Angela Davis.

Jonathan hasn't been seen since Friday afternoon. He had run home from a babysitter's house. He was home playing video games when his stepfather says he stopped in, but Jonathan was gone just 25 minutes later when his mother came home from work.

"There's no doubt in my mind that he's been snatched," said David Davis, Jonathan's stepfather.

Sgt. Brian Harris with the HPD Homicide Division said, "We believe foul play may be involved."

Houston police are treating the case as a possible kidnapping, also interviewing family members and trying to track down a mysterious phone call Jonathan's mother says she received at work shortly before her son went missing.

"I said, 'This is Angela. Is my son there?' And she said, 'Is your mama named Angela?' And he said yes and the phone went dead," she recalled.

On Monday Texas Equusearch joined the search as Jonathan's family passed out fliers. They don't think the boy they describe as naive would run away, especially on Christmas Eve knowing he was getting a new video game system.

David Davis said, "Whatever it is, it's bad."

"Don't hurt him. Don't hurt my baby," pleaded Angela Davis.

Police don't fear the worst yet. Their search is on, though the weather isn't helping. On these cold nights, all of Jonathan's coats are accounted for.

Sgt. Harris said, "We believe this child is in danger regardless."

Police have been interviewing family members separately. The FBI is now assisting on the case.

If you know anything about his whereabouts, you're asked to call Houston police at 713-731-5223 or Texas Equusearch at 281-309-9500.

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