Donations give family victimized by fire big Christmas


Since that story aired, Jimmie Williams, his wife and their three children have received an enormous amount of donations and they have a new place to call home.

We last saw the Williams family at the burned home with the mother crying and the father with a burned hand because he'd run back inside the burning home to save a child he thought was still inside. But on Christmas Eve, it was all smiles from the family -- thanks for a bunch of strangers.

"It's in describable. It's no word," Williams said. "We didn't plan on being in a fire at all, but wow the presents and clothes and this love -- its really Christmas tim."

After this fire destroyed their home more than two weeks ago, the Williams family never imagined Christmas Eve would be filled with toys, clothes and even furniture.

From a refrigerator and other appliances to even the family Christmas tree, the donations started pouring in. It was so much stuff that a company donated a storage pod to help move it all into the families new home.

"Everybody's given us so much stuff. I can't even really take it all in really. It's just so much stuff," said Williams' wife, Kellee.

But it isn't too much for little Jimmie, Jayden, and Joshua, who just a few weeks ago were left with only the clothes on their backs; their father burned while going back into the fire for one of his boys he thought was left behind. Williams' hand is almost healed, and he's now able to go through the single box of things they were able to salvage.

"These are burned but hopefully I can save this one," he said.

Hundreds of people, mostly strangers, have made this is a Christmas wish come true for the little ones. As for their parents, as well, they say their wish was granted weeks ago.

"The future looks better. I still have my family and that's what's most important to me," Kellee Williams said.

The Williams family says they're so grateful that they plan to donate some of the stuff to a charity. They say it wasn't the Christmas they expected, but because of strangers, it's one they won't ever forget.

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