State's appliance rebate program goes for Round Two


The amount you can get back depends on what you buy, remember this is for Energy Star-rated appliances and unlike last time there will be no crashed websites or endless hours trying to reach someone on the phone.

The state of Texas has $10 million left over from the $23 million Energy Star Appliance Rebate back in April. Now that remaining money is up for grabs, but you cannot get the rebate unless you buy an appliance on or after Monday December 20.

For some shoppers, that's OK.

"I am always looking for a good bargain, so if I found a good bargain today then I'd be interested in that, but it is not like I have to have a dishwasher today," consumer Francia Ruppen said.

There is a good reason Ruppen has no trouble waiting a week to get in on the rebate.

"These days, every penny is important," she said.

Unlike last time, the rebates will be awarded after consumers buy an appliance.

Consumers must mail in a copy of the receipt, recycling verification on their old appliance and a rebate application. The rebates will then be mailed to consumers on a first-come, first-served basis, and there is no guarantee you'll get one.

"That would not be a problem for me; most of life is no guarantees," Ruppen said.

The rebates apply to Energy Star-rated appliances, including washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters and central air conditioners.

"You have to look for your yellow tag, and be sure and open the appliance -- whether it's a dishwasher or refrigerator or a washing machine -- and see this Energy Star tag. The Energy Star will tell you that you are buying an approved appliance," said Ross McGrath with Factory Builders Stores.

McGrath expects the rebate money to go out fast. McGrath says stores are also offering sales on top of the rebates to offer even better deals.

"Do it quickly; it has no end date, but it ends as soon as the money runs out," he said.

Remember, last year there were websites and phone numbers, none of that this time around. Buy, install, get rid of your old appliance and mail in the rebate.

The rebate program is a replacement program so you will need proof that it was recycled or disposed of, make sure the store you are buying from offers take away or recycling.

There are many details about the program, so click here to read about them.

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