Father, three children injured in house fire

HOUSTON That father and his three children are out of the hospital now after being injured while escaping from the flames. The fire broke out in the back bedroom of the family's home on Tridens Court at around 2am. Once the family realized they couldn't put it out, they all ran for safety.

The father says he saw the ferocious flames, but his focus was getting to his young son.

"He knocked on the door and I went in, I grabbed him," said the homeowner Jimmie Williams. "I grabbed the two little ones."

Williams says his son's mattress was on fire so he and his wife grabbed their kids and got them out.

"Just got the kids out as fast as I could and that's all I could think was to get them out," said the boy's mother, Kellee Williams.

But in the commotion Williams thought that one of his boys was left behind. So he went back into the fire.

"I didn't know that all of them were out so I grabbed them and I missed a cover to make sure he wasn't there and it burned my hand pretty bad," he said.

The entire family made it out safely but had to watch their precious possessions turn into ashes.

"All of my kids' clothes are gone. They don't even have shoes to put on their feet right now, no coats, anything," said Kellee.

Neighbors say despite the destruction they are grateful.

"It brought tears to me earlier," said neighbor Andre Martell. "I broke down already but I'm just glad his family is safe. My family is safe."

Williams says Christmas will be a little different for his family this year but he says he has a lot to be thankful for.

"I'm just glad to have my kids and my wife -- that's it," he said.

The family's s home was destroyed. The other duplex unit suffered smoke and water damage. Both families will be staying with relatives.

The father was treated for second degree burns on his fingers and the boys were treated for smoke inhalation.

They were able to save three of their animals but they did lose a bird and a snake. There is no word on what caused the fire.

If you would like to make a donation for the family, you can do so at the New Canaan Baptist Church at 13219 Windfern, Houston TX 77064. You can also call 713-825-4991 to get more information on how you can help the fire victims.

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