Beyonce's mom showcases new fashion line

HOUSTON Tina Knowles is the mother of one of the biggest stars on the planet -- Houston native Beyonce -- and her talented younger sister Solange.

But there's a lot more to her than just the role of mom.

Not everyone can have Beyonce model their latest spring line, but that was the case with Knowles earlier this week on "The View." Mother and daughter were there to make a double-pitch -- Beyonce to talk about her Thanksgiving Day special on ABC.

Knowles was there to introduce her own line of women's clothes, which has been on HSN for years. But now her clothes have come to a store near you.

The weekend crowds were even larger than usual at this Walmart store in southwest Houston. It wasn't because of a special sale, but a special stylist. Knowles was unveiling her new Miss Tina line, made exclusively for Walmart.

A bevy of models showed off the pieces, from skinny leg jeans to sexy fitted leopard print dresses. Per Knowles' instructions, even the models came in every shape and size. She believes that every size matters.

"Because I think that whether you're a 2 or a 22, you deserve good fashion," Knowles said. "I wanted to be able to go up to a size 20, and most retailers want you to stop at 12 to 14." In fact, creating this line was personal.

"Miss Tina was really born from me going into the store and I'm really busty and I've got a wide back. So I'd put on a jacket, and I'd love it, and it would only go to here. And it can't fit and it doesn't have stretch in it, so I'm just limited to what I could buy for myself," Knowles said. "So I started designing tunic tops that were a little longer to cover your butt and a little fuller in the chest and sleeves and then I was like, you know, I bet women would really appreciate having something that fits everybody."

But size wasn't the only important issue.

"Everything in the line -- with the exception of two items, which are a fall leather jacket and another office jacket, which is really beautiful -- everything is under $20. So there's no excuse not to be cute right now," Knowles said.

Shoppers took her up on that, as they swarmed the racks, buying up just about everything and demanding more.

The Houston Chronicle's fashion editor Joy Sewing was there to cover the opening. She stayed to shop.

"There is a hunger for fashion at affordable prices for women of all sizes and this is proof," Sewing said.

"I bought two shirts and it was good to see a stylish shirt for a larger person without spending a lot of money," shopper Jennifer Jones said.

"I'm glad that she has gone that route to help all of us out and make us feel wonderful," shopper Patricia Gutierrez said.

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