Man accused of beating victim to death with a hammer

HOUSTON Mark Anthony Tillman is charged with capital murder in the death of Euland Laster. Laster's car was stolen by Tillman and another suspect during a robbery on November 11. An autopsy determined that Laster died of blunt force trauma.

According to court documents, a witness said he heard two loud bangs and looked out the window of his home to see two black males hitting a man near the intersection of Sayers and Caplin. The witness said he saw the victim fall to the ground and the two suspects drive away.

Court documents state that a woman who was acquaintances with Tillman and a second suspect said the two men told her that they had stolen a Nissan Sentra and she said Tillman had told her he wished he didn't hit the driver with a hammer. The woman also told police that she saw the second suspect driving around in the Sentra.

In a police interview, Tillman said he and the second suspect drove around that night looking for people to rob. Tillman said they first robbed two men near Little York and Homestead, then saw the victim in the Sentra so they got out to rob the driver. Tillman stated the second suspect pointed a gun at the victim to get him on the ground, but the victim was not complying so Tillman hit him several times with a hammer. After taking the man's wallet, Tillman and the second suspect drove off in the Sentra.

Tillman is currently being held on no bond.

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