President George W. Bush here today for book signing

HOUSTON The "Decision Points" book tour rolled into Houston today. Inside the River Oaks Barnes and Noble bookstore, there were smiles and handshakes from the former president as he signed copies of his new memoir. Wrist bands were required to get in.

Debbie and Pruett Hugg were among the first to get a signed copy.

"I just admire him. He did a great job while he was in office," said Debbie.

"One of these is for my son in Iraq. It's a Christmas present," Pruett said.

However, just beyond the parking lot of admirers was a small group of accusers.

"Do you feel safe now? A million Iraqis dead for your oil. Do you feel safe?" shouted one protester.

About a dozen protesters gathered to voice their opposition to everything from the death penalty to the war in Iraq, but they didn't turn out as early as the hundreds of people wanting a signed copy of the book.

"One is mine; the other I might give to my boss who doesn't know I am here. Sorry, boss," said Richard Urdiales.

The former president spent hours signing books, but only a brief moment with each book's owner. It seemed to be enough to leave a lasting impression.

"He said, 'Thank you so much.' I asked, 'Does your hand hurt yet?' He said, 'No, but I'm sure it will soon,'" Debbie Hugg told us.

"As soon as he shook my hand, I could not stop smiling," said Julia Davis.

The former president comes here from Dallas, where he broke ground yesterday for his presidential library.

According to the publisher, Random House, the book has already sold 775,000 copies.

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