Mom arrested for injuring her 6-month-old son

HOUSTON According to court documents, Quentinetta Kibble's 6-month-old son was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital for having seizures. It was revealed the baby had a fractured skull, blood in the brain and brain hemorrhaging. Further medical examination revealed the baby also had a broken knee and rib fractures. Doctors stated the evidence of old and new injuries was highly suspicious of child abuse.

Court documents state that on August 22, Kibble was trying to calm down her then 4-month-old baby in their northeast Houston resident when she hit the baby's head against the edge of the bedroom wall. The blow caused an indentation in the baby's head. Kibble said she believes this is when she caused the skull fracture.

Kibble said the baby began to exhibit seizures that were off and on for two months after the head injury in August. During one of the baby's seizures, Kibble attempted to straighten the baby's leg and could have fractured his knee.

Then on October 29, the date the baby went to the hospital, Kibble stated she jerked the baby out of his playpen and shook her son after she became frustrated with his crying. She said she could have squeezed him hard enough to cause the rib fractures. Kibble stated that the baby had a seizure at that time that was worse than the others.

Kibble, 21, is charged with injury to a child and is being held on $30,000 bond.

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